Frequently Asked Questions


What happens to the points that are unused in the system?


The unused points are reclaimed by the company that issued them with no penalty. They may be re-appointed or simply removed.


Is there a maximum or minimum number of points that the company must put into the system each year?


No. Each company creates their own budget and may allocate as many points as they wish.


Can points be transferred and can employees purchase additional points?


Yes they can. It is up to the company to decide if they would like to implement this policy. Employees can transfer unwanted points to each other or purchase points to make up for a shortfall.


Where will the awards be delivered?


The awards are normally delivered to the employee’s place of work.


How long does it take to receive an order?


We allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery; however, we average 2 to 3 weeks!

Can items be returned?


Yes. If the item is not what was expected, it may be returned as long as the item is in the original packaging and is not damaged. The points will then be reinstated to the account that they were taken from. If it is a warranty issue, we will repair or exchange the item within 60 days of delivery (unless otherwise covered by the manufacturer).


What happens to points in the system when an employee leaves the company?


The account of the employee leaving the company is inactivated so the points cannot be spent after the termination. The company can decide whether that is immediate or if they would offer them some time to spend their points. The unused points can remain in the account for reporting purposes or the company can reallocate them if they wish.


What are the costs associated with the site?


The costs vary slightly with the size of the company and whether a custom private site is built or the company chooses to use the shared, generic site. Points are not charges until they are redeemed and the product is shipped.



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